How to Enroll in Concurrent Enrollment

If you are a new student to the concurrent enrollment program, you must first be admitted to become an SUU student. Please follow the instructions below:


  1. Use this website only:  to apply to be accepted as an SUU student. Make sure your information matches EXACTLY your Cedar High School information
  2. Parents and students will need to fill out the application together
  3. Fill out the application general questions. Social security number is required
  4. Pay the one-time non-refundable $40 admission fee online after the form is filled out completely


  1. A few days after you submit your application, SUU will send you an acceptance email with your T-number and instructions on how to create and activate your portal account
  2. Click on the  SUU Portal page  
  3. Next, click on “activate account”
  4. Start by using the same email as your previous application. You will get an activation link sent to the same email
  5. Follow the activation link and create your password for your account. Your username is automatically created for you
  6. Use your username and password to login onto your SUU portal


  1. Login to your SUU Portal at mySUU Portal at 
  2. Click on the “Registration” link (on the right side of the page, scroll down, in the “Banner” section menu)
  3. Next, click on “Register for Classes.”
  4. Next, click on “Choose the class term”
  5. On the next page, click on the tab that says “Enter CRN,” add your class(es) CRN number and click on “Add to Summary”
  6. After adding all your classes CRN click on “Submit” at the bottom of the page
  7. Go back to the main page and check your “My Courses” link (left top corner) to make sure your classes show on that page
  8. Pay for the balance for your classes’ fees that show (sometimes it will show a few days later) on your main page. Balance can be paid on your portal online


  1. Login to your SUU Portal at        
  2. Next, click on the “Balance Due”  green box (right upper corner of the main page) OR click on the right menu link “Student Billing System”
  3. Next, check you total balance and click on “Make a Payment”
  4. Next, choose to pay with either check or credit card (To pay with a credit card there will be a fee of $3 through PayPath)
  5. Next, complete the payment form with your payment information and submit your payment. You will receive an email with the payment confirmation (Note: The tuition for your classes are separate from your application)

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