Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Hunt?

The Hunt is a game, created by Josh A. and Kirby M. at Cedar High School. It should be a fun thing to do in between classes or when you have spare time. The main goal of the Hunt is to be fun.

What are the prizes?

Whoever is at the top of the scoreboard at a time to be determined will receive a $50 Amazon gift card and a custom 3D-printed trophy with their name on it.

How do I play?

Your goal in the Hunt is to get as many points as you can. There are multiple ways to earn points;

  • Solve hints to get codes
  • Complete quizzes
  • Find secret codes around the school
  • Earn codes from people who have them
  • Ask around for people with free codes

What are the rules?

The rules for the Hunt are as follows;

  1. Don't cheat - we can and have found out and you'll be disqualified
  2. Usernames must be school appropriate
  3. Don't remove physical codes - please do not mess with the codes you find around school, you'll ruin it for everyone

How does the point system work?

The point system is pretty simple. Each code has a set amount of points assigned to it. The first player to put in the code will receive twice the amount of points for the code, and the first 10 players after the first will receive 1 1/2 times the set amount. This is why you will want to try to get codes as soon as you can to get maximum points.

I have an idea, how do I tell you?

You can make a suggestion by clicking here. We try to read them, and we'll usually take your ideas.

How can I get help?

If you need help, the fastest and best way to get it is to go to Mr. Swallow's classroom. It's across from the library. One of us will usually be there before school, during lunch, and after school. If we're not there, Mr. Swallow should know when we will be.

What the heck is a Kirabbat?

It's a kitten-rabbit-bat hybrid, of course!

Do I get a prize for reading this?

Of course you do! Enter this code: faqrules

# Name Pts.
1   gamergaming1313 91192
2   bryant2001 87155
3   PIZZAHUT 83727
4   TheLoneRanger 83465
5   _stevel 81811
6   Whaleman 81744
7   bplunkett12 80590
8   wholockpotter67 80516
9   chelsey 78378
10   Sherlock 76833