The Hunt Begins!


You found the first easter egg!

There is a new game happening in Cedar High School!

Inspired from the book "Ready Player One" Josh A. and Kirby M. have created a competition to find easter eggs, and perform tasks. You need to create your account by clicking here! The scoreboard will be visible live to all those who wish to keep track in Mr. Swallow's room. All game elements can be found at Cedar High School.


The prize for winning this treasure hunt will be:

1. $50 Amazon Gift Card

2. Custom 3D printed trophy with your name on it

First Clue

Go where the knowledge is kept

Where minds are enlightened

And where silence abounds


Frequently Asked Questions
# Name Pts.
1   Tuck 78961
2   gamergaming1313 76192
3   bryant2001 69405
4   _stevel 68561
5   Whaleman 65494
6   PIZZAHUT 64977
7   wholockpotter67 63766
8   TheLoneRanger 63215
9   chelsey 62878
10   Sherlock 61333