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If you would like to join this class talk to Mr. Shirts and your counselor. Auditons may be required.

Region Solo & Ensemble (2013)

Congratulations to the following who received a Superior Rating at the Region Solo & Ensemble Festival tonight. They will represent Cedar High at the State Solo & Ensemble Festival April 26 & 27 at Lone Peak High School.

Soloist Instrument Accompanist
Morgan D
Alto Sax
Judy L
Waylon H
Alto Sax
Gerry R
Liahona A
Tracey B
Makayla A
French Horn
Kristina M
Eric L
Tracey B
Josh P
Latanna P
Liahona A
Tracey B
Joanna D
Natalie B
Tracey B


Clarinet Choir
Cat Grant, Emily Hopkins, Kaylee Corry, Cole Curry, Ashlee Roberts, Luke Orison, Mary Zaifnejad Reece Brown, Rachelle Jensen

Saxophone Trio
Waylon Hadlock, Sadie Webster, Johnny Ruhr

Double Brass Quintet
Joshua Palmer, Makayla Anderson, Noah Hill, Kyle Stewart, Nathan Wiggins, Marshall Hunt, Jacob Passey, Jesse Maxwell, Jarom Minkler, Mitchell Zufelt

Mallet Quartet - "Rainbows"
Ethan Brown, Mitchell Beacham, Joanna Durfee, Cassi Thomas

Percussion Ensemble - "Sabre Dance"
Shawn Adams, Matt Allen, Mitchell Beacham, Ethan Brown, Logan Davis, Nick Denhalter, Joanna Durfee, Forrest Hyde, Anthony Malachowsky, Adam Martin, Kaylen McGuire, Tayson Meanea, Maria Pickett, Cassi Thomas, Javlyn Weaver, Garrett Wood

Percussion Ensemble - "Bayport Sketch"
Shawn Adams, Matt Allen, Ethan Brown, Nick Denhalter, Joanna Durfee, Anthony Malachowsky, Adam Martin, Kaylen McGuire, Javlyn Weaver

Violin Duet
Natalie Bradshaw, Christiana Hofeling


Period A-Day B-Day
Zero Jazz Band Jazz Band
1st Concert Symphonic
2nd Percussion JV
3rd Prep Beg. Guitar
4th Prep Prep

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