Financial Literacy

Accounting I & II (CTE, CC, MA)

Students will develop skills beginning with an understanding of basic elements and concepts of double entry accounting systems.

Skills will include knowledge and interpretation of the accounting cycle, journalizing, ledgers, end-of-period worksheets, closing and adjusting entries, banking and payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, depreciation, and interpreting financial information.  Proficiency in the use of touch electronic 10-key calculator will be addressed.  A beginning skill in automated computer accounting will be stressed and practiced throughout the course of study.  Students will be expected to work on and complete a simple simulation in job-entry manual and automated computer accounting for a period of one month during the course. This course will earn credit towards your third year math credit and can possibly earn college credit. Elective credit that will fill the third year elective credit, but will not fill either or the two consecutive year requirements required for math.

Course Details

  • Credits: 0.5 Each (1.0 Credit/ Year)
  • Grade: 11-12
  • Prerequisite: Secondary Math I & II
  • Subject Area: CTE/MA
  • One Semester Accounting 1
  • One Semester Accounting 2

Adult Roles / Financial Literacy (CTE/AT, FN)

An instructional course that prepares individuals to understand the nature, function, and significance of individual and family relationships integrated with general financial literacy. 

Topics include: goal setting; decision-making, values, communication skills, self-awareness, dating, marriage, money management, saving, investing, parenting, and career & workforce preparation. All four quarters must be passed to fill the Financial Literacy requirement. 

Course Details 

  • Credit : 1.0 (Year)
  • Grade: 12 
  • Prerequisites: None   
  • Subject Area: CTE/AT, FN

General Financial Literacy (FN)

This course will teach basic money management with sections on making financial goals, using and paying for credit, buying insurance, saving, investing and retirement planning. 

It will also give the students criteria for analyzing and selecting a career, analyzing factors that affect income and analyzing the role of culture, social and emotional influences on financial behavior.

Course Details 

  • Credit: 0.5  
  • Grade: 12    
  • Prerequisite: Required for Seniors
  • Subject Area: FN

Mathematics of Personal Finance (MA, FN)

Successful completion of Mathematics of Personal Finance will give one credit of Math Elective Credit and will complete the General Financial Literacy requirement. Course objectives for this class include being able to apply sound mathematical principles in the financial decisions students will make in their lives, and to be prudent managers of their financial resources. 

Students will learn how to set financial goals, manage personal savings and investments and understand the personal consequences of financial decisions. The class will review operations with real numbers, and will use formulas, graphs, tables and charts to solve financial problems. Students will perform simple probability experiments and do probability and statistical calculations. Students will evaluate, solve and analyze mathematical situations that could occur in their lives involving finance. Financial problem solving involving insurance, mortgages, and retirement and estate planning will occur.

Course Details 

  • Credit: 1.0
  • Grade: 10-12   
  • Prerequisite: Successful Completion of Secondary Math I & II 
  • Subject Area: MA, FN

CE-Personal Finance – FIN 2870 (CE)

This college level class is offered to students in the concurrent enrollment program given by SUU. This class is also available for high school credits only.

Course Description

A study to educate each individual in a role as consumer; to aid in making wise and informed spending decisions; and to discuss marketplace, governmental services, budgeting, personal money management, and other consumer-related problems.

Course Details

  • HS Credits: 1
  • College Credits: 3.0
  • Fee: $15 ($5 / 1 Credit)
  • Term: Semester
  • Prerequisites: Student must be enrolled at SUU
  • Subject Area: CE