You want to know who runs the website?

Or who gets that Schedule up for you not be late to class?

Yeah, that’s us, you’re welcome.

Here are some of our members:

Overseer of the Vault: Elijah Hubbard

Maid of the Homepage: Zack Friedman

Elder of Teachers Administration: Christian Ruiz

Captain of Students/Sports: Jauzlyn Templin

Admiral of Sports: TJ Schaefermyer

Duchess of Teens: Afton Greene

Dog Trainer: Chelsey McDonald

Overlord of Picture Coordination: Spring Bitner

Ruler of Banners: Grace Giles

Admin of Administration: Cassidy McDonald

Princess of Fine Arts: Liberty Boutchyard

Communistical Dictator of Mother Country Clubs and other junk: Jordan Ashe

Eternal Sultan of the Web Universe: Mr. Swallow

To contact us about an issue or information updates, email:

You also can contact Mr. Swallow ( ) else wise.

We would like to thank our previous members for all their hard work on the website

Kirby McDonald

Josh Anderson
Alex Beraja
Cat Smith
Josh Deason
Charles Dodgin
Kal Kurn
Kaden Yardley
Summer Bryson
Ethan Hunt
Dominique Taylor