Classes Drop and Withdraw

Dropping and withdrawing from a course are two distinct processes with different consequences.

  • If a student chooses to drop a course, they are responsible for dropping by the published deadlines. Withdrawing from a course at the high school does not drop a student from the college course.
  • The penalties associated with withdrawing from a college course after the deadlines include: future financial aid eligibility and low GPA. Students must be counseled by the high school CE designee, in conjunction with the SUU CE Office when withdrawing from a course.
  • If a student drops the course after the deadline they will receive a grade of “W.” This counts towards their completion rate (number of courses completed over a number of courses attempted). Financial aid requires a 70% completion rate. Students (with parents) must be counseled before a student may withdraw from a course after the “Drop without a W” deadline.
  • If a student withdraws from a course without notifying the high school or the CE office at SUU, they are responsible for all consequences. Students should meet with the CE Academic Advisor and their high school counselor before making that decision.
  • An Unofficial Withdrawal (UW) affects a student’s GPA the same as an F. This occurs when a student does not officially drop the course but discontinues attendance and coursework.

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