CE Program Expectations and Responsibilities

Even though students take the CE classes here at Cedar High School, they are held responsible for all SUU academic standards and responsibilities. Here at Cedar High School, we have no access to any of the students’ academic progress. Students’ progress is administered by SUU. Below are the SUU standards:

  • Students must maintain a minimum SUU GPA of 2.0 to continue taking concurrent enrollment classes.
  • If a student falls below 2.0 it can affect their applications to universities as a regular student, or the status of the incoming student (for example, a student may be put on probation, not accepted, or have a scholarship revoked).
  • CE students are not permitted to repeat a university course while in high school under the Concurrent Enrollment Program. CE students cannot receive an incomplete.  
  • SUU policies about academic honesty and plagiarism apply to CE students – if a student is caught plagiarizing it is grounds for failing the course and/or being excused from the Concurrent Enrollment program.

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