Reflection Winners
Nicole-Photography and Visual Arts
Michaela-Visual Arts
Mary Jane-Visual Arts
Marissa- Photography
Next Year's Reflection Theme:
"The Magic of a Moment"

Congratulations to Girls Soccer for being Region Champions and 2nd @ State.

Congratulations to Girls Cross Country for winning 2nd in Region and 4th @ State

Congratulations to Camille and Kristin for qualifying for State Tennis

Congratulations to Scholarship Runners

Congradulations to the folowing soloist State Solo and Ensamble Qualifiers:
Laura - Bassoon
Waylon - Alto Sax
Sadie - Alto Sax
Tanner - Cornet
Austin - Trumpet
Joseph - Trumpet
Kyle - Trumpet
Makayla - French Horn
Josh - Trombone
Luke - Trombone
Liahona - Euphonium
Joshua - Tuba
Ty - Marimba
Matthew - Cello
Courtney - Violin
Abigail - Violin
Natalie - Violin
Congradulations to all the ensambles who qualified as well.

Congratulations to Mohey for winning 2nd @ State

Congratulations to Dusty and Cameron for taking 1st at state wrestling.
Results 2011

Congratulations to Dusty who participated in the Reno World Wrestling Champinship last weekend and paced 1st in his weight. He is Cedar High's First All-American and World Champion.

Congratulations to the following individuals for state qualifying and breaking school records:
Alex - Long Jump
Bryson - Shotput
Austin - 400 meter and broke the shcool record

Congratulations to those winning medals at State Drama:

Congratulations to the Junior Prom Royalty:
2nd - Kayden
1st - Brock
King - Bo
2nd - Jordan
1st - Madi
Queen - Keeley

Congratulations to the following students for placing at State FBLA Competition:
5th place in American Enterprise - Ashley, Trevor, and Stevie
4th place in Accounting - Trevor
3rd place in Partnership and Business - Josie, Luke, Daniel
9th place in Digital Design & Promotion - Mary Jane and Makenzie
5th place in Community Service - Luke, Josie, and Keeley
7th place in Network Concepts - Mitchell
3rd place in E-Business - Katarina and Mitchell
7th place in Digital Video - Hayden, Justin, and Makenzie
7th place in Technology Concepts - Mitchell
1st place in Web Design - Mitchel and Katarina -They will be representing our school at Nationals in San Antonio, Texas

Congratulations to the Orchestra students for qualifying for State Orchestra.
Orchestra earned a "I" at State Competition


Congratulations to the following students for competing at the SUU Vocational Fair:

Ronald 1st place in Architectural CAD drafting

Brayden 3rd place in Mechanical CAD drafting

Brayden 3rd place in Top Gun speed drafting

Ronney 1st place for a pair of night stands he built

Brindley 1st place for a Queen bed she built

Waylon 2nd place for a speaker cabinet he built

Brayden 2nd place for a coffee table he built

Bryce received a sweepstakes award to a queen bed he built

Riley received sweepstakes for a blanket trunk he built

    • At Region Drama
    • Johathan Borrego won Best Actor in the One Act Competition
    • Joanna Durfee and Clark Holmes took first in Pantomime
    • Dusty Hone participated in the Reno World Wrestling Championships with students from 48 other states.  He placed first over 115 other wrestlers in his weight class making him Cedar High’s first All-American & World Champion!
    • Cedar Invitational –April 13 & 14
    • Boys’ Track Team took first
    • Alec Jordan State qualified in the long jump
    • Austin Hopkins State qualified in the 400 meter race
      • He also set the new sophomore school record
    • Girls’ Track Team took first
    • Katie Groves State qualified in the high jump with a 4’ 11”
    • The following got medals at State Drama on April 14
    • Brandon Anderson
    • Indiana Jones
    • Taylor Hall
    • Megan Taylor
    • Abigail Nakken
    • Jason Rhodes
    • Jonathan Borrego
    • AJ Inman
    • Joanna Durfee
    • Clark Holmes
    • Reece Brown
    • Walker Parkinson
    • Junior Prom Royalty
    • 2nd—Kayden Starley
    • 1st—Brock Englestead
    • King—Bo Harwood
    • 2nd—Jordan Larson
    • 1st—Madi Almond
    • Queen—Keeley Curry
    • State Science Olympiad – April 13 & 14
    • Alex Jolley & Kenny Boxberger—Anatomy (5th)
    • Alex & Richie Sauceda—Chem Lab (2nd)
    • Jaren Forsyth & Greyson Hulet—Helicopter (4th)
    • Alex & Kenny—Material Science (5th)
    • Liahona Axelson & Aubree Langstrom—Sounds of Music (5th)
    • Ricky Wilson & Kenny—Thermodynamics (2nd)
    • Richie & Kenny—Tower Building (3rd)
    • BYU Foreign Language Fair – April 13
    • German
      • “Best of Fair” Awards (highest award)
        • German II Skit
          • Jaren Forsyth
          • Brakkon Garrett
          • Greyson Hulet
          • Austin Orton
          • Josh Palmer
        • Vocal Music
          • Austin Clark
          • Hayden Clark
          • Josh Palmer
        • Speech
          • Hayden Clark
        • Show and Tell Level II
          • Josh Palmer
        • Show and Tell Level III
          • Hayden Clark
        • Soccer Team 2nd Place
          • Josh Bolton
          • D.J. Erickson
          • Mike Hourigan
      • Superior Ratings
        • Hayden Bishop—Show and Tell Level III
        • Richard Cannon—Poetry Level I
        • Austin Clark—Poetry Level II
        • Hayden Clark—Interview Level III
        • Natalie Clark—Conversation, Poetry Level II
        • Jaren Forsyth—Conversation Level II
        • Brakkon Garret—Conversation Level II
        • William Heaton—Conversation, Poetry Level I
        • Morgan Jolly—Vocal Music Level II
        • Jesse Jones—Conversation Level II
        • Austin Orton—Conversation Level II
        • Josh Palmer—Poetry Level II
        • Bobbi Wilson—Conversation, Poetry, Vocal Music Level I
    • Dixie Invitational – April 20 & 21
    • Boys’ Track Team took first
    • Bryson Haynie State qualified in shot put (46’ 4”)
    • Cody Jacoby State qualified in javelin
    • Bryan Pearson State qualified in the 800 and 1600 meter races
    • Shane Miner State qualified in the 300 meter hurdles
    • Therin French State qualified in the 110 meter hurdles
    • Jason Sanders State qualified in the 200 meter race
    • Aimee Bryson State qualified in the 200, the 400, and the 1600 meter races
      • She also set the new sophomore 1600 record with a 5:12.8
    • Kayla Shakespeare Sate qualified in the 100 meter race
    • Makayla Warby State qualified in the 100 and 200 meter races
    • Marley Fakahua State qualified in the shot put
      • She also set the new sophomore shot put record with 35’ 11.5”
    • Girls’ 4 x 100 Relay Team—Aimee Bryson, Makayla Warby, Lindsey Martin, &Kayla Shakespeare—State qualified
    • SUU Coliseum Championships—April 27 & 28
    • Boys’ Track Team took first
    • The Boys’ 4 x 800 Relay Team—Bryan Pearson, Kayden Starley, Irvine Cambron, & Wes Crockett—broke the school record
    • Shane Miner State qualified in the 110 meter hurdles, and Therin French State qualified in the 300 meter hurdles
    • SUU Vocational day on Tuesday, April 24, Competition
    • Ronald Passey 1st place in Architectural CAD drafting
    • Brayden Boone 3rd place in Mechanical CAD drafting
    • Brayden Boone 3rd place in Top Gun speed drafting
    • SUU Vocational Project Display
    • Ronney Passey 1st place with a pair of nightstands
    • Brindley Oldroyd 1st place with a queen bed frame
    • Waylon Hadlock 2nd place for speaker cabinet
    • Brayden Boone 2nd place for coffee table
    • Bryce Bishop Sweepstakes for queen bed frame
    • Riley Westwood Sweepstakes for a blanket trunk
    • Mitchell Brown Sweepstakes for a blanket trunk
    • Orchestra earned a perfect score to make it to State
    • Band played well at Region and qualified for State
    • State Solo and Ensemble—April 28 & 29
    • Trombone Solo, Tuba Solo—Josh Palmer (I’s for both)
    • Trombone Solo—Luke Wilson (I-)
    • Euphonium Solo—Liahona Axelson (I)
    • Trumpet Solo—Joe Palmer (I)
    • Trumpet Solo—Kyle Stewart (I-)
    • Alto Saxophone Solo—Waylon Hadlock (I-)
    • Alto Saxophone Solo—Sadie Webster (I-)
    • Trombone Duet—Noah Hill, Josh Palmer (I-)
    • Euphonium Duet—Brandon Trujillo, Colten Warren (I-)
    • Brass Quintet—Austin Clark, Garrett Minkler, MarshallHunt, ColtenWarren, Brandon Trujillo (I)
    • Double Brass Quintet—Tanner McGuire, Joe Palmer, Joshua Palmer, Luke Wilson, Hayden Merrill, Greg Cox, Austin Clark, Alex Jolley, Makayla Anderson, Josh Shugart (I)
    • Saxophone Trio—Waylon Hadlock, Morgan Downs, Johnny Ruhr (I-)
    • Percussion Ensembles—Shawn Adams, Matt Allen, Mitchell Beacham, Hayden Bishop, Ethan Brown, Joanna Durfee, Ty Higby, Tanner McGuire (in first ensemble), Jesse Maxwell (in second ensemble), Corbin Myers, Joe Palmer, Bryson Needles, Cassigy Thomas, Javlyn Weaver (I’s for both)
    • Percussion Ensemble—several other people (I)
    • Violin Solo—Natalie Bradshaw (I-)
    • Violin Solo—Courtney Guariglia (I)
    • Violin Solo—Abigail Gould (I-)
    • Piano Solo—Sadie Webster (I-)
    • Vocal Solo—Tanner McGuire (I-)
    • NAML Quartet—four people (I-)
    • Chamber Quartet—four people (I-)
    • Duet—Shay Manley & Kaycee someone (I-)
    • SUU Technology Show with Graphic Communication Portfolios
    • Mary Jane Leavitt—Sweepstakes
    • Jessica Savage & Shaena Dansie—Superior and 1st place
    • UVU Technology Expo
      • Beginning Graphics
      • Shaena Dansie—1st
      • Morgan Garrett—2nd
      • Ashley Beck—3rd
      • Advanced Graphics
        • Jessica Savage—1st
        • Mary Jane Leavitt—2nd
        • Coral Burr—3rd


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