Regular Schedule

1st 7:50 – 9:08 (78 min)

2nd 9:13 – 10:31 (78 min)

3rd XLT 10:36 – 11:16 (40 min)

Lunch 11:16 – 11:59 (43 min)

4th 12:04 – 1:22 (78 min)

5th 1:27 – 2:45 (78 min)

A/B Schedule/Calendar

Late Start Wednesday Schedule

1st 9:40 – 10:43 (63 min)

2nd 10:48 – 11:51 (63 min)

Lunch 11:51 – 12:29 (38 min)

4th 12:34 – 1:37 (63 min)

5th 1:42 – 2:45 (63 min)

IMPORTANT!  All athletes participating in spring sports, with the exception of track, must have a Covid account and plan to test on Monday morning, March 1.  If you have questions on how to set up your Covid account, please check with your coach.

Registration for 4th Quarter Drivers Ed will begin Monday, March 1st.  See Mr. Loveland for a registration form.  You must be 16 by September 20, 2021 in order to take this class.


After-School and Evening Tutoring will NOT be available March 1- March 5, but tutoring will still be available during XLT.  After school tutoring will begin again March 8th.  

Hey Sophomores and Juniors… If you are interested in becoming a teacher, we have a new program available in connection with SUU.  Next year, we will have a class available where you can get college credit for taking Education 1010 along with an internship at Cedar Middle School.  This class will be worth 1.5 high school credits.  Please see your counselor as soon as possible if you would like to get this class added to your course requests for next year.

State Swim Team Results!

Boys Team:

Zack Douglas – 4th in 200 Yd. Freestyle

Tobler Dotson –  2nd in 200 Yd. Indiv. Medley (Also congratulations to him for breaking a school record!), 2nd in 100 Yd. Backstroke

Asten Krans – 5th in 500 Yd. Freestyle, 12th in 200 Yd. Indiv. Medley

Jesse Zinn – 16th in 50. Yd Freestyle

Justin Granado – 16th in 100 Yd. Butterfly

Tanner Dodds – 2nd in 500 Yd. Freestyle, 16th in 100 Yd. Backstroke

Caleb Simmerman – 15th in 100 Yd. Backstroke

The Boys’ 200 and 400 Yd. Relay got 5th, ending with an overall for the team of 5th place.


Olivia Price – 10th in 200 Yd. Freestyle, 13th in 500 Yd. Freestyle

Abby Stratton – 6th in 50 Yd. Freestyle

Hannah Edwards – 13th in 50 Yd. Freestyle, 14th in 100 Yd. Backstroke

Grace Engst – 10th in 100 Yd. Butterfly

Natalie Moses – 16th  in 100 Yd. Freestyle

Our Girls’ 200 Yd. Medley Relay got 8th

Our Girls’ 200 Yd. Freestyle Relay got 8th

Our Girls’ 400 Yd. Freestyle Relay got 5th.

Overall, the Girls’ team got 9th.

Are you interested in Aviation and or Aerospace?

Check out the CTE Aerospace Pathway video!

The ACT Test will be Tuesday, March 23.
Want to Prepare for the ACT???  Check out Schmoop!
Instructions for accessing Shmoop:
1. follow the link: Shoomp
2. Enter Magic Word: WASATCH
3. You should now be directed to Shmoop Utah.
4. From the Utah page select “Cedar City High” from the alphabetized list (you may have to scroll down a little)
5.Create the account, in some cases you may have to look for “Cedar City High” from a list of schools again.
There are also ACT study guides and flash cards available in the Library to check out!


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