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Results for 2014-15 Team

Congratulations for making the 2014-2015 Mohey Tawa team!! You all did a fantastic job!

There is a mandatory "Meet Your Team" breakfast this Saturday morning at 8 AM we will text you the address!!

Mohey Mom mandatory meeting will be Tuesday April 8th at 8 PM @ the High School (Tami Farish's Room #4 come in through west doors downstairs)

Important Dates to keep open April 11th and 12th is our big Fundraiser that is mandatory for Mohey members and Mohey Moms!!

Let's have an Awesome year!!!
Start Strong Finish Stronger!!!

Team Members are:



High School Articles

  • Mohey is looking forward to a great year!


  • The Cedar High School Mohey Tawa drill team is looking forward to the 2013-2014 season.  The team consists of 21 girls this year, 5 seniors, 4 juniors, 3 sophomores and 9 freshmen.   Mohey Tawa is also excited to welcome a new coach and an assistant coach.  Coach Janene McCurdy and assistant coach Daysha Pedersen bring to the team many years of dance experience. The last several years Mohey Tawa has been an award winning team, bring home 2 regional championships, a state championship, and 3 second place awards.  This year they plan on another award winning year.